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Available on digital, 2 x CD, 2 x vinyl & deluxe 4 x vinyl boxset.
Listen to 'Red Parallax'
Hear Red Parallax, taken from the new soundtrack.
220716 | Music for an Infinite Universe - Artwork details.
Hi there, friends.

Here’s some images of the artwork for our forthcoming album ‘Music for an Infinite Universe’, the soundtrack to the imminent and ultra-stellar computer game ‘No Man’s Sky’.

This extraordinary feat of the sublime imagination was produced by Caspar Newbolt of Version Industries, with original drawings by John DeLucca. It is, in our humble opinion, superlatively incredible.

Below you can see the boxset and quadruple vinyl version of the album, which includes the album and an extra four sides of soundscape material produced by 65daysofstatic for the game.

We’re also releasing a 2 x LP gatefold edition of the album, which includes the album proper as well as download codes for the record and the soundscapes. And a double CD release of the album, with disc one containing the album proper and the extra soundscape material on disc two.

If that wasn’t complicated enough, and for the sake of clarity, there is another gatefold edition of the record being released by Hello Games, with cover art by Simon Stålenhag, which is also really nice to look at. The music contained on this release is exactly the same as on the gatefold edition of the album released by 65daysofstatic and Laced Records, although doesn't include the bonus material. It’s nevertheless a totally cool and valid version of our record, with different artwork.

Why do all these versions of the record exist? That’s a question that keeps us awake at night. One answer is - ‘because variety is the spice of life’. Another answer is - ‘because lawyers’. The shortest most accurate answer, both relatively, post-structurally and metaphysically is ‘Because capitalism doesn’t give a fuck about you’. But it’s physically impossible that you aren’t already aware of that. And anyway, we do care about you, and the music is the important thing here, so however you get it, we hope you enjoy it.

The three options we’re releasing can be seen below. The 4 X LP boxset, the standard 2 x LP gatefold vinyl and the CD release. They can all be pre-ordered HERE. The other edition of the album released by Hello Games is available from iam8bit.

Check it out:

The album is also be available for pre-order in digital form as of TODAY, and if you order via iTunes you’ll get a free download of ‘Supermoon’ the first single from the record, for FREE. Although why would you want to give more money to something as demonstrably unfit for purpose as iTunes?

Especially when you can listen to Supermoon here along with Red Parallax (here), another piece of high octane space-wrangling from the album.

The next and best news is that the stupendously great Thought Forms will be joining us on all European dates (including the UK hahahaha #brexit #borisjohnsonisabottomfeeder #mindthefarage)*.

Thought Forms sound like this and feel like this. We’ve heard some of their new album and it’s going to blow your mind, while they blow us off stage every night and the cold wind of endgame profiteering blows in the street outside, drowning out the low frequency grinding of the slow but inevitably approaching neoliberal glacier of death. Happy days!

Tickets are selling fast, but not inevitably fast, just relatively fast. There are some ticket/album bundles available HERE, across all formats, and the album actually works out cheaper this way, so if you are coming to a show and buying a record, this will be right up your street.

As ever, more news to follow.
Here’s those dates.

With support from Thought Forms.

28th July: Bluedot Festival, Jodrell Bank, UK | TICKETS (no Thought Forms)
17th October: 013, Tilburg, Netherlands | TICKETS
18th October: Les 4 Ecluses, Dunkerque, France | TICKETS
19th October: Badaboum, Paris, France | TICKETS
20th October: La Rodia, Besancon, France | TICKETS
21st October: Usine (PTR), Geneva, Switzerland | TICKETS
22nd October: Bergmal, Zurich, Switzerland | TICKETS
24th October: Razzmatazz 2, Barcelona, Spain | TICKETS
25th October: But, Madrid, Spain | TICKETS
26th October: Hard Club, Porto, Portugal | TICKETS
27th October: Venue TBA, Lisbon, Portugal | TICKETS
28th October: La Trinchera, Malaga, Spain | TICKETS
29th October: Las Armas, Zaragoza, Spain | TICKETS
1st November: MJC Picaud, Cannes, France | TICKETS
2nd November: Locomotiv, Bologna, Italy | TICKETS
3rd November: Monk, Rome, Italy | TICKETS
4th November: Magnolia, Milan, Italy | TICKETS
5th November: Mame, Padova, Italy | TICKETS
6th November: Kranhalle, München, Germany | TICKETS
7th November: WUK, Vienna, Austria | TICKETS
8th November: MeetFactory, Prague, Czech Republic | TICKETS
9th November: C-Theatre, Berlin, Germany | TICKETS
10th November: Uebel & Gefährlich, Hamburg, Germany | TICKETS
11th November: Q-Factory, Amsterdam, Netherlands | TICKETS
12th November: Muziekgieterij, Maastricht, Netherlands | TICKETS
13th November: Botanique, Brussels, Belgium | TICKETS
14th November: Islington Assembly Hall, London, UK | TICKETS
15th November: Marble Factory, Bristol, UK | TICKETS
16th November: Plug, Sheffield, UK | TICKETS
17th November: University, Newcastle, UK | TICKETS
18th November: Art School, Glasgow, UK | TICKETS


*information in brackets is Eurocentric. But not Eurosceptic.